About us


We are Franky Janssen and Marlene Stassen, living in Membruggen, a district of Riemst in Belgium.

We owe our kennel name to the Rottweiler which was Franky's first breed : Earl Arthos van de Meerkampen, a beautiful rottweiler who was impressive, social and very child-friendly.

But with the arrival of our first keeshond in 1997, Udessa van ‘t  Kleinberghof we were sold.

We continue with the  keeshond and with great pleasure.

Ah, how we have seen a treasure born, of course, keeping everything is not possible.

We have mostly 1 litter a year.

It is always difficult for us to see a puppy go but we are happy when we get new friends with the puppies owners.

The grandchildren (1, 8 and 11 years old), who are always fond of the dogs, also don't like to see them leave.

They get along well with all dogs, play with it and cuddle, but a puppy that goes away….

The dogs are very social and sweet with children.

We are happy with our ten dogs, do not be afraid here, we have a huge ground floor: a big kitchen and a big living room and a very big veranda.

Our dogs are always cozy with us on the couch at their favorite place in the living room.

When there are bitches in heat, we unfortunately have to separate, but we are grateful that we have so much space.

The oldest ladies are neutered, but are still happy to help and raise the puppies.

Ah, and the men, who occasionally have their own thing, which means a little bickering, will be about women, but they get along well.


The father and mother tested for hips, elbows and knees. Our dogs are all PHPT free.

We find the fact extremely important to breed with healthy dogs.

While as a breeder you do not have 100% control over genetics, nature unfortunately also goes its own way.

In the beginning we have to thank Marina Erikkson (Dungens kennel Sweden) for her trust in us and still help us.

Since a few years we have added dogs from Svetlana Shelmuk (Elegant Sharm kennel Oerkraine) to our pack to give our lines a fresh boost.

We now have also a beautifull and lovely boy from Lucie Zlàmalovà (Ejmi-Lu kennel Tsjechië) to bring new lines in to our kennel.


The offspring shows that we can be proud of this addition and the introduction of new blood. Our Royal Legend van het Earlskamp is a good example of this and also our latest boy : We've only just Begun van het Earlskamp (better now as Bandit).

The health of the dogs is paramount.

We try to use as many natural remedies as possible against fleas, ticks, deworming, kennel cough.....

Our puppies are titred at 6 weeks (titering can be done on Parvo, Hepatitis and Distemper), so that we know the right time to vaccinate the puppies, because it can be up to about 20 weeks that a dog has maternal immunity. Earlier vaccinating makes no sense, because then the vaccination does not work.

We transfer our vision to the new owners and they are enthusiastic about our approach. That makes us very happy.


We regularly go to a show with our own dogs. How proud can you be as an owner or breeder when your dog becomes the best male or female, or even better: best of breed.

On the other pages of this site you can see the results of our dogs.

We also like it so much when a new owner also ventures to show.

They have already achieved good results.

We are happy and proud of our dogs and are sure that the owners of our puppies are too!